When Chu-Yu was in school
System Name
2005/02 Clinical data warehouse System
(Clinical Data Know-How,PHP,MySQL,js)
Prof. T.-T. Chang Lab. Member
2005/01 Books Recommendation System base on Title Similarity Scoring Method
Antonia Lin
NUTN Library
(All Students)
2004/10 Hepatitis B envelope Antigen Seroconversion Prediction System (Best Paper Award)
(Genetic Programming,Artificial Neural Network,Java)
Prof. T.-T. Chang Lab. Member
2004/08 Integrated Mutiple Sequence Alignment (MSA) with Statistical t-test analysis
by designing a Customizing Programming Interface of Web-Services-like
(Hepatitis B Virus(HBV) know-how,alignment algorithm,matrix scoring,Python,PHP)
Prof. T.-T. Chang Lab. Member
2004/07 HBV Genotype Classification System based on Genome Alignment and Scoring System (BLAST) integrated with muti-type HV dataset
(HBV know-how,Python,PHP,MySQL,js,html)
Prof. T.-T. Chang Lab. Member
2004/06 Implement Association Rule Algorithm to Mining interesting rule from UCI Machine Learning Repository
(Association Rule Mining and Analysis,Java)
Dr. S.-C. Zhuang
2004/05 Smart SetTopBox with Data Mining
Prof. Y. L. Ke
2004/04 Peak Finding,Scoring and Alignment in Large Scale Mass Spectrometry Dataset
(Java,Oracle,MySQL,Customized Efficient Structure of File Content)        
P.-W. Chen
2004/04 Electronic Energy Billing System
(Power System,Java/JSP,Oracle)
Prof. Y. L. Ke
2004/03 Study Room Reservation System in NUTN Library
Antonia Lin
NUTN Library
(All Students)
2004/01 Implement Artificial Neural Network for Recognition of Fisher's iris dataset
(Artificial Neural Network,Java)
Independent Completion (IC)
2003/10 eThesys, ETD System. (國立臺南大學 博碩士數位論文共建檢索系統)
(Python,PHP,rsync,shell scrip,remote_mount/NFS)
Antonia Lin
NUTN Library
(PhD and MS Students)
2003/04 Human Resource and Salary Information Management System
(Oracle,D2K,Salary Rule,Schema Design)
2002/04 A Lottery simulation (C Language,random know-how)
2002/01 A Prototype DBMS based on C++ Linked List Data Structure
2002/01 Design university IS schema with Carolyn E. Begg's methodology
2000/07 Building the Training Materials of National Adviance IT Certification in Internet Social Community (e-learning bz.)
1993/05 Environment Sensing, alerting and synchronous communication system
in Taiwan Water Corporation
(Single-chip Microcomputer,Assembly language,C language,sensing HW and Wireless transmission by radio)
Country Project
1991/08 System Operating (SysOp) of a Bulletin Board System,'91~'97
(RemoteAccess,SuperBBS,FrontDoor,File Sharing,
Mail Exchange[served as a Hub & Host role in forum message exchange network such as 90Net])

Other system developing
System Name
2009/03 Ubiquitous Healthcare System by Using fall-down sensing technique and STB in Wireless Environment (PM) 台灣微軟技術中心(MTC)
2009/01 Golf Expert System by analyzing motion pattern from electromyography HONO Golf
2008/10 Aquazoo.tekho Shopping Portal (PM) Tekho Group
2008/03 Healthcare Center System (PM) Kaohsiung Software Park
2008/02 Shopping Portal Web Site (PM) 威智文化科技
2007/07 Engineering monitoring system by designing RFID Interaction mechanisms 台灣科大
2007/05 鼎泰豐網站 官網 Portal, 多語系內容呈現頁面架構與系統 鼎泰豐
2007/03 整合異質資料庫系統之新書推薦系統 NUTN Library
2006/12 租屋資訊媒介系統 長榮大學
2006/12 新書推薦系統,基於使用者借閱習慣分析 長榮大學
2006/12 車牌辨識系統,基於英數特徵捷取分析、整合於Web Camera 虎尾科大
2006/11 創易通 Portal, 多語系內容呈現架構之系統 創易通科技
2006/09 派樂網 Portal 北京派樂
2006/09 成功大學 企管系 終成大企校友資訊網站 成大企管系
2006/08 客戶報修資訊系統 凱旋熱能科技
2006/03 東海學習網 東海補習班

Mobile Application Development
System Name
App. Market / User
2011/03 法拍物產 Fusion ,1500人次下載 Google,Hami
2011/08 您在哪 Hami
2011/10 一種包含多種服務之二維條碼編碼解碼方法,中華電信專利
2009/03 Mobile Security Management for WM&Symbian (PM) FETNet
2007/07 自動分群統計系統,基於電子磅秤即時無線傳輸數據分析(WinCE&XP) Tekho Group
2007/07 施工架安全檢測系統, 整合拍照及自動即時上傳功能 (PDA,PPC) 台北科大
2007/07 心電(ECG)訊號即時接收解析與繪製程式 (PDA,PPC,WinCE) 工研院(ITRI)
2007/06 行動關懷訪視系統 (Client and Server), async healthcare data (PDA,PPC) 高醫醫護人員



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